Episode 15: Tech Ladies

Highlights from a recent Q&A session held on Anchor with Allison Esposito, founder of Tech Ladies, which covered everything from job hopping and mentorship to how we can all help improve diversity in tech. Tech Ladies is an organization which aims to connect women in tech with job opportunities, career tips, and each other.

Episode 14: We Speak for the Trees

A cool breeze flows through a large oak tree in your neighbor's backyard. You never consciously noticed until the tree was forcibly removed to make room for some tiki torches and a pool with no deep end and a gross octopus mosaic. Suddenly, you miss the tree. Suddenly, the tree is the only thing that matters. Suddenly, you're purchasing tons and tons of Jello mix to pour into your neighbor's pool. Suddenly, you speak for the tree.

Episode 13: Death and Space Taxes

A new host! A new format! A new crushing question about recurring existential dread! All this and more in the thirteenth episode of Let's Talk, the podcast highlighting some of the internet's best conversations.

Episode 12: Unfavorable Ratings

According to a poll by Quinnipiac University, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have greater than 50% unfavorable ratings among Americans. This episode was the first to be created with Anchor's Exporting tool, which makes it easy to turn any Anchor conversation into a podcast.

Episode 11: Who is Art For?

Is art for the artist? The people? Is it simply a product to be bought and sold, driven by market forces? Stephen Horst discusses these questions about art and more with the Anchor community.

Episode 10: The First Kiss

There nothing quite like a first kiss. And we don't necessarily mean that in a good way, but you'll see. Enjoy listening to Anchor share some memorable early smooch memories and, if you dare, share your own!

Episode 9: Facebook Got Bots

Everyone is talking about bots, including the Anchor community. At this year's F8 conference, Facebook announced their new Messenger Platform, enabling developers to build bots for Messenger. Will bots take off? What is the future of bots? If you're only half sure what bots are, or what they could become, this is the conversation for you.

Episode 8: Is the Universe a Simulation?

Are we all waiting for the red pill? Does an infinite universe mean we're most likely a simulation? Does it matter? Or is everyone their own individual universe?

Special: April Fools

Anchor launches a brand new product... an ingenious and not at all facetious wearable. The Anchor community responds.

Episode 7: Does Free Will Exist?

Anchor discusses one of the oldest questions to plague mankind, touching on spirituality, biology, habit, instinct, and social pressure -- to name a few.

Episode 6: What We Wait For

The world is lousy with platitudes and advice on waiting, but what does "waiting" really mean to us? Anchor asks the question: What are you waiting for?

Episode 5: The Rising Importance of Design

Scott Belsky, General Partner at Benchmark and founder of Behance, talks with the Anchor community about the rarity of great design vs. the commoditization of the tech stack.

Episode 4: Role Models

Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt, starts an Anchor conversation about role models. The community chimes in to share thoughts on the people who helped shape their lives.

Episode 3: Product Management

Hunter Walk, Homebrew partner and former product lead at YouTube, Google, and Second Life, answers tough questions about Product Management.

Episode 2: "Founder's Doubt"

Maya Prohovnik and Christian Rocha, co-founders of Glitter, talk to the Anchor community about managing fear and doubt about your product, and ultimately deciding to shut down your company.

Episode 1: First Screen Name

betaworks' head of investments Matt Hartman asks the Anchor community about their first first screen names on AOL. Featuring waves by Allison Behringer, Nathan Bashaw, and a dozen other members of the Anchor community.